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Safety Barriers

Our Range of safety barrier systems includes:

  • Armco safety barrier - Armco safety barrier is widely used in installations such as industrial estates, car parks and warehouses. as it is untentioned armco is not suitable for use in highway applications.
  • Open Box Beam - Open box beam safety barrier provides an alternative to the standard corrugated system and is particularly suitable where a stronger safety barrier is required. Open Bow Beams are supported on the same posts as used with the corrugated system but the fixing is achieved with a clamp plate and joints are secured with fish plates. This means that the post centers are fully variable if required and can be set at closer centers for heavy duty applications.
  • Safety Barrier Posts - steel posts in 'z' and 'I' beam section have been the traditional and time served choice for a number of years and are suitable for commercial areas, car parks and industrial parks etc. Where frequent contact is likely, concreted in posts should be used and base plated posts in warehouses and for light duty requirements. All posts are suitable for non highway use.