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    Palisade Fencing & ProFence

    Armco Car Park BarrierPalisade and ProFence Security Fencing

    Our Palisade and ProFence solutions offer strong and cost-effective perimeter protection for your property or business.

    Alexandra Palisade & ProFence fencing and gate systems are hot-dip galvanised to protect from rust and can be powder coated in a variety of RAL colours. The systems are strong, have increased security and are aesthetically pleasing.

    Palisade gates and fencing has been successfully used in the following applications as a cost effective means of security: Industrial and Commercial premises, Electricity Sub-Stations, Gas Installations, LPG Installations, Research Laboratories, Fuel Terminals, Computer Centres, Sewerage and Water Treatment Plants, Railways and Motorways, Police Stations and Courts. Alexandra Security holds high volumes of stock in a varying range of heights enabling us to provide quick delivery to any site.

    Ongoing research into security fencing has produced the ProFence system, which incorporates the latest design features and manufacturing techniques to offer a higher security option to standard Palisade. The system consists of three cold rolled components and is lighter, stronger and provides reduced installation time, reduced delivery costs, increased security and an aesthetically pleasing yet secure perimeter fence.

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