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    Disability Discrimination Act Compliant Handrail System

    A complete handrail system that has been specifically designed in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the building Regulations Part M:2004

    To meet the requirements the handrail must meet the following standards:

    • Be between 90cm and 1.1m in height. A second lower handrail should also be set at 60cm to take children and those who are short of stature into consideration.
    • The clearance between the handrail and any adjacent wall surface be between 6cm and 7.5cm.
    • Provide visual contrast to its surroundings without being overly reflective.
    • The tubular handrail should be between 40-45mm in diameter, while also being slip resistant and not cold to touch. This is achieved through galvanising.
    • A kerb or kerb rail to prevent wheel chairs from slipping out from under the railing where there is a drop-off.

    The Disabled Access Handrail Solution

    DDA Handrail is ideal for use on outside steps and access ramps to public buildings, as well as balustrades in schools and work places. Since 1995 the Disability Discrimination Act has made it mandatory for all establishments and service providers that are open to the public to take reasonable steps to provide access for disabled people. Alexandra Security DDA handrail meets this need while providing a long-lasting, safe access and safety solution.

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    Conforms to BS 1722-14: 2006

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