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    Palisade Fencing – Metal Security Perimeter Fence

    Considered to be one of the most traditional types of permanent security fencing, providing a high level of security, acting as a significant deterrent, and being highly resistant to attacks.

    The robust construction and intimidating appearance of the pales, combined with the triple pointed top, makes it hard to climb over, and makes a palisade fencing system an ideal boundary fence for premises that need to be kept secure at all times, such as infrastructure, cash handling facilities and industrial facilities.

    Steel palisade security fencing is one of the most versatile security fencing types, being self-adjusting for inclines up to 30 degrees. This allows a boundary fence to be constructed both where level ground is present, and also when undulating and contoured ground is unsuitable for other types of fencing products. It is stronger than chain link fencing and can be more cost-effective than mesh panel fencing.

    Where it is impractical to “dig in” posts they can be base plated for bolt down posts to be inserted into concrete. It also lends itself to “cutting and shutting” which is helpful for the quirkier onsite adaptations, or where there is a bolt to wall situation required.

    A Wide Range of Heights & Options

    Our palisade fencing comes in a wide range of heights starting with 1.0m then sequentially in 1.2m, 1.5m, & 1.8m round nosed & notched fence pale topping, then triple point security top is available in 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m, 2.4m & 3.0m. special heights and specifications are available on request.

    Our system is designed to ensure that the weight of a fully assembled panel does not “sag” under its own weight. This is achieved by supplying Aris rails with our systems that are of a larger size than are often supplied by other companies. In addition, all of our metal palisade security fencing comes with anti-tamper fixings, where the nuts shear off, helping to prevent would be intruders breaking in and compromising the level of security of the property.

    One of the UK’s Leading High Security Fencing Suppliers

    Alexandra Security is a leading supplier of multiple types of security fencing in the UK, and our high quality products are made to last. Each fence is supplied in a galvanised finish (zinc coating) for long term weather protection, and if required a polyester powder coat finish to a colour of your choice can be applied to give extra protection and to match the colour of the surroundings or stand out in your brand colours.

    Ideal Applications

    • Business and premises protection
    • Utility sites – (Gas, electric, water,)
    • Schools
    • Industrial estates
    • Data centres
    • Petrol stations
    • Parks

    Optional Extra Security

    Palisade wall fencing systems are often combined with security fence toppers such as barbed or razor wire to increase the visual deterrent and anti-climb ability of the whole fence line. At Alexandra Security, we often supply our Rotating Anti-Climb system with our security fences. Easily installed on top of the fence line, it is particularly suitable for premises that need an extra level of security, while designed to not cause harm or injury to potential intruders.

    Palisade Gates

    To complement this fence range, we also keep in stock selected sizes of popular gate sizes at our facility in Kent. Starting from 1m wide pedestrian gates up to 6m wide pairs of palisade gates, and manufacture gates made to order up to 14m wide.

    We also carry a full complement of spares, which will assist those of you who wish to carry out repairs. If installation is a problem, we have an approved (and validated) list of installers to choose an installer who is in your area. Get started on your project today by contacting our team of experts, who will be happy to advise you on the best fence solutions for your specific requirements.

    More Info

    Conforms to BS 1722-14: 2006


    Posts and Fixings

    The posts and fixings that Alexandra Security Limited offers provide a fixing system which secures the pales but allows for variations.

    The system is easy to install and allows the rails and pales to be raked, helping the fence line to follow the contours of the ground.


    Rotating Anti-Climb and Razor Wire can be fitted with bolt-on brackets for additional security.


    Finish is either hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 or galvanised and polyester powder coated to BS EN 13438