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    Anti-Climb Security Fence Topper

    Alexandra’s Rotating Anti-Climb fence security spikes system provides a safe, effective and visible anti-climb deterrent while maintaining a uniform and neat appearance.

    Unlike some traditional methods of anti-climb such as broken glass or wall spikes, which can be dangerous man traps, our system is safe, approved by local authorities and maintains a clear visual, physical and psychological barrier that does not breach Health and Safety laws or COSHH regulations.

    Our rotating anti-climb wall spikes feature a series of three-point vanes, each free to revolve around a central spindle, creating an unstable barrier which rotates if anyone attempts to climb over it. With no stable places to maintain a grip or secure footing, this type of wall security fence spikes is very effective at stopping intruders. In tests, army personnel found this type of anti-climb fence topper particularly difficult to negotiate.

    Anti-climb fences are ideal for use in high-security areas such as industrial yards, the premises of banks, offices, retail businesses and private residences, or in any areas where vandalism or forced entry is a serious threat.

    Anti-Climb Spikes Offer Simple Installation To Existing Perimeter Fencing

    Easily fitted to the top of existing gates, mesh or palisade fencing, and even solid external walls, our burglar-proof fence spikes are freely rotating, making it extremely hard to get a secure grip and then climb over. With no sharp spikes or hard edges, the anti-climb system is not designed to harm or cause injury to potential intruders but instead provides a strong visual deterrent that will discourage climbing in the first instance.

    Versatile Security Applications

    Drainpipes, soil stacks and pylons present an easy and common target for thieves and vandals. A wall-mounted semi-circle or full 360° protection around pylons can be achieved with our rotating anti-climb guard and provides effective protection for these areas. Standard items are listed below. For other radius combinations, please contact our expert product team.

    Security Fence Spikes Are Long Lasting And Maintenance Free

    Manufactured from a high tensile aluminium alloy, our rotating anti-climb wall spikes are highly resistant to corrosion while being lightweight (4kg per linear metre). The bright finish will also last the lifetime of the product, making this wall security spike system maintenance-free. Alternatively, if you’d like your fence guard to match your building or corporate colours, the system can be powder coated to most RAL and BS colour references.

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    Manufactured from a high tensile aluminium alloy, the system is lightweight (4kg/Linear Metre), allowing it to be installed in a large range of situations, and highly resistant to corrosion meaning the bright finish will last for the lifetime of the product.

    Rotating Anti-Climb - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I install rotating anti-climb above a Protek mesh fencing system?

    Yes, we can supply brackets to securely fix the rotating anti-climb to the top of the mesh fence panels. Rotating anti-climb can also be installed on top of Palisade and ProFence security fencing.

  • What do you put on top of a fence for security?

    You can add anti-climb spikes to the top of your fence for an extra layer of security. These security measures make it uncomfortable and challenging for intruders to grip, which discourages them from climbing further. While it does act as a physical barrier, the mere sight of anti-climb wall spikes may be enough of a deterrent.

  • Is it legal to put spikes on top of my fence?

    Yes, it is typically legal to add spikes on walls for security reasons. However, if you’re considering adding this extra measure to your security defence, it’s important to be aware of the related restrictions.

    Anti-climb spikes and wall toppers can be used to deter intruders as long as they are not designed to cause serious bodily harm. Ideally, you should also display warning signs, as this will help prevent injuries.

    It will also ensure that you remain compliant with relevant legislation, namely the Occupiers Liability Act of 1984, which states that property owners are responsible for protecting anyone on your property (yes, even intruders) from any harmful hazards.

  • What can I put on top of a wall to stop people climbing it?

    Wall spikes serve as an excellent security option for those trying to stop intruders from entering their property. Installing rotating or spiked toppings along with visible signage will likely be all you need to deter intruders.

    Wall spikes are a strong security choice to prevent intrusions. By adding rotating or spiked toppings and prominent signage, you can create a highly effective deterrent against unauthorised entry.

  • Do anti-climb spikes work?

    Yes, adding spikes of walls for security reasons often proves effective. This is due to the fact that these spikes create a psychological and physical deterrent for intruders.