Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, serve as critical infrastructure. Due to the nature of these facilities, safety and security should always be a top priority. Theft and intrusion in hospitals and similar healthcare facilities take place almost on a daily basis.

This can be attributed to criminals who view these facilities, and the inhabitants inside, as soft targets. Considering this, it’s vital that healthcare facilities choose the right security fencing to prevent criminals from gaining access to their sites.

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Security Fencing Factors To Consider

Healthcare facilities have specific requirements, which is why it’s important to consider these factors and how they include security fencing solutions for these facilities.

Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter security fencing creates a physical barrier between your healthcare facilities and the public area around. This stops intruders and unauthorised persons from accessing the site.

Effective Access Control

First and foremost, a healthcare facility must consider its various access points and ensure that these areas are well-secured and controlled. Appropriate access controls should be installed for vehicles and pedestrians, such as swing barrier gates and rising arm barriers.

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Security Fencing For Healthcare Facilities

Security fencing plays a vital role in protecting healthcare facilities and their patients. When choosing a security fencing solution, certain factors should be considered, such as perimeter needs and access control. Some of the fencing solutions we recommend include:

Protek 2000 Mesh Fencing – A medium-duty ‘V-mesh’ anti-climb fencing solution that is strong, secure and pleasing to the eye. It’s commonly used in the public sector due to it providing a good level of visibility through the fence, being cost-effective and easy to blend into the surroundings. Protek 2000 features a clamp bar system to hold the mesh panels together, making the fence line stronger than clip fence systems.

Protek 358 Clamp – This fencing solution is a heavy-duty security fencing solution that’s commonly used for prisons and other military sites. With narrow apertures, it’s almost impossible for intruders to scale this fencing. 358 mesh fencing is a good security solution for critical infrastructre around hospitals and healthcare facilities, where unauthorised assess or damage must be prevented.

Protek 868 Twin-Wire – A popular solution as a perimeter fence when looking for increased security, 868 mesh is made up of overlapping wires to create a panel that is incredibly hard to cut through. Twin-wire mesh is also very hard to climb over.

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Final Thoughts On Security Fencing For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities serve as critical infrastructure but are often targeted by criminals. This is why having the right security fencing solutions is so vital. Before a healthcare facility can choose its fencing, it should carefully consider what its aims are for its perimeter security and access control. Our team at Alexandra Security have a vast experience in specifying perimeter fencing systems, and can provide advice to what the best security fencing system and gates for your needs. Get in touch today and we will be happy to provide techical specification and quotations.