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    Wire Mesh Security Fencing with Timber Infill Panels for Extra Privacy

    Discover the ideal solution for those seeking both security and increased privacy with Protek Privacy, our innovative wire mesh security fencing system featuring timber infill slats.

    With the Protek Privacy system, you no longer have to compromise on the appearance a security fence when increased privacy is required. Our made-to-measure wood panel inserts seamlessly blend with the rigid welded mesh panels, fitting snugly within the ‘V’ profile. These panels are securely attached to the rear of the fence using a robust fixing baton, resulting in a fence surface without any hand or foot ledges. This design makes it extremely challenging to climb over and provides a comprehensive privacy screen.

    Superior Security and Durability

    Protek Privacy ensures high security by utilizing full vertical length clamp bars to connect adjoining panels, effectively preventing tampering, and surpassing the security level of traditional clip mesh fencing systems. With Protek Privacy, you benefit from both privacy and an attractive, uniform appearance that complements existing Protek mesh fencing. This makes it an excellent choice for various applications such as head offices, schools, and other premises that require solid fence screening.

    Designed and Engineered To Withstand High Winds

    Where traditional timber fencing can be susceptible to strong winds, Protek Privacy has been engineered and externally tested to withstand up to hurricane force winds, even at heights of 2.4m. The 100 x 50mm posts, combined with a bay width of 2.5m, ensure that installing this system in areas of high wind loads will not compromise the strength of the fencing line.

    Customizable Options for Personalization

    While the wooden privacy infills conceal most of the mesh, we understand the importance of colour coordination. The popular RAL 6005 Moss Green colour is readily available at our Kent depot, allowing us to dispatch nationwide quickly. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to powder coat the mesh panels in any RAL colour of your choice to match your school or surroundings, ensuring a personalized touch. This personalisation service is available on a short lead time, and our customer service team will keep you up to date at every step of the order process.

    Privacy Mesh Fencing
    Privacy Mesh Fencing Outside School

    Versatile Heights for Various Requirements

    Protek Privacy is available in a range of heights; 1.8m, 2.0m, and 2.4m. The timber slats are precisely matched to the height of your fence, guaranteeing a seamless and visually appealing result. The 2.0m and 2.4m heights are especially suited to school applications, while 1.8m heights are often used as a perimeter demarcation fence in lower security or rural areas. The 1.8m height is also popular as a privacy fence for outside storage areas such as bins and containers in retail premises. Please note that the minimum order quantity for Protek Privacy is 12 bays (~30m).

    Choose a Trusted Mesh Fencing Supplier

    As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metal fencing, Alexandra Security is committed to providing high-quality products built to last. Our Protek Privacy system comes with a durable powder-coated finish for long-term weather protection. Also, all timber slats used in this fencing system undergo pressure treatment and are finished to a high standard.

    Get in Touch for Expert Advice and Competitive Quotes

    Contact our experienced team today to discuss your next fencing project. We are here to assist you and offer competitive quotes, including nationwide delivery options with optional offload facilities, if required.

    Nominal Fence Height (m) Panel Size Height x Width (mm) Post Centres (mm) No. ‘V’ Bars per Panel Overall Length of Post (mm) Post Size (mm) Ends/Inters (1 Clamp) Corners (2 Clamps)
    1.8 1,730 x 2,500 2,510 3 2,550 100 x 50 4 8
    2.0 1,930 x 2,500 2,510 3 2,800 100 x 50 4 8
    2.4 2,330 x 2,500 2,510 4 3,250 100 x 50 5 10

    Subject To Change

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    Posts, Clamps & Fixings

    The posts and full length clamp bars that Alexandra Security Limited offers provide a fixing system which secures the panels but allows for variations. The system is easy to install and allows the panels to be stepped, helping the fence line to follow the contours of the ground. With the vandal resistant security fixings this post and clamp system provides a higher level of security than the traditional clip system.


    • Panels can be inverted to create flat top option


    • Mesh panel wire manufactured to BS 4102 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2:2001 class D, weld strength is 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire (tensile range 540-690 N/m2)
    • Post material manufactured to BS EN 10210-2:1997 and galvanised to BS EN 10346:2009
    • Panels & Posts are powder coated to BS EN 13438:2005 (min 100 micron)
      Timber slat size = 19 x 50mm, with lengths dependant on the height of the fence. All timber is planned finished and pressure treated.

    Protek Privacy - Frequently Asked Questions

  • For what applications would you recommend Protek Privacy?

    Protek Privacy is highly recommended for locations such as schools and properties that require a mesh fence while also desiring to limit visibility through it. It is an excellent choice when privacy is needed from a security fence without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. Protek Privacy is particularly well-suited for installation around schools and nurseries located in rural areas, as its appearance seamlessly blends with the surroundings.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity for Protek Privacy?

    Due to the pack sizes of the accompanying timber slats, there is a minimum order for Protek Privacy of 4 bays (~10m).