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    Road and Railway Fencing & Gates

    Recommended Infrastructure & Transport ProductsRoad and Railway Fencing & Gates

    At Alexandra Security, we regularly work with various customers in the infrastructure and transport sector; this has allowed us to develop effective product solutions for all requirements.

    Each of these sectors has its own safety requirements, which is why having the right security and fencing solutions is crucial. For example, railway sites see high volumes of pedestrian traffic, which is why access control and demarcation solutions are needed. Like railway fencing, security fencing for highways and roads helps with traffic control. Additionally, it serves to keep the public safe and reduce transportation disruptions.

    Whether you’re looking for high-security fencing, gates or traffic control solutions for road and railways, we have a number of products that can meet your needs. To make it easier for our customers to identify the products they need, we’ve grouped together a selection of our recommended products that are best suited to the infrastructure and transport sectors.

    If you are unsure of your specification requirements, our customer support team is on hand at all times to answer any queries and help you to design the most effective solution for your project. All of our bespoke solutions are supported by their own set of CAD drawings, so no matter what you select, you’ll have the chance to view and approve the design before committing to manufacture. If you’d like to learn more, contact our customer support team and see how we can help with your project requirements.

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