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    SR1 Rated 358 Flat Panel Security Fence System

    Protek 358 Elite is an improved version of our standard prison mesh fencing that is approved to SR1 security standard by the LPBC (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

    The LPCB (Loss Prevention Board) works with the UK government to set the standard for products in the security industry, and provide a standard that buyers can use to verify a products resistance to attack. Every product approved by the LPCB has been thoroughly tested to meet a minimum standard, which is called an SR rating.

    SR1 security fencing can withstand opportunistic attempts at forced entry using basic tools such as cable cutters, screwdrivers, knives and hammers, for a period of up to 1 minute. This, combined with Protek 358’s tight mesh spacing, creates a security fence that is very hard to climb, cut through or force entry.

    SR1 rated 358 fencing is ideal for security critical perimeter installations, such as around infrastructure, financial depots and government buildings. For extra security, a variety of fence toppers can also be added, such as our rotating anti-climb fence spikes.

    Various Sizes And Colours Available

    Protek 358 Elite prison mesh fencing is available in heights from 1.8m, up to 3m. As the height of the 358 fence gets taller, the size of the supporting posts is increased to ensure maximum stability. All our of 358 mesh panels are galvanised to provide long-lasting weather protection, and can also be powder coated to over 1000 RAL colours, with RAL 6005 (Moss Green) held in stock for fast dispatch. coated to over 1000 RAL colours, with RAL 6005 (Moss Green) held in stock for fast dispatch.

    Complete Your System With A Matching Gate

    We can either manufacture Protek 358 security gates to your bespoke size, or for quick lead time, we stock a comprehensive range of singles and doubles in various heights and widths. Hinges are inverted on all gates to prevent lift-off.

    One Of The UK’s Leading Metal Boundary Fencing Suppliers

    Alexandra Security is a leading supplier of mesh fencing in the UK, and is committed to providing a high level of customer service, fast turnarounds and on-time deliveries. Our expert team is on hand to listen to your requirements and offer a range of solutions based on their product knowledge and expertise. Contact us today for a no obligation quote on SR1 rated security fencing.

    Nominal Fence Height (m) Panel Size Height x Width (mm) Post Centres (mm) Overall Length of Post (mm) Post Size (mm) Ends/Inters (1 Clamp) Corners (2 Clamps)
    1.8 1,833 x 2,515 2,440 2,450 60 x 60 7 14
    2.1 2,138 x 2,515 2,440 2,800 60 x 60 8 16
    2.4 2,442 x 2,515 2,440 3,100 60 x 60 9 18
    3.0 3,001 x 2,515 2,440 3,750 80 x 40 11 22

    Subject To Change

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    Posts, Clamps and Fixings

    The posts and full length clamp bars that Alexandra Security Limited offers provide a fixing system which secures the panels but allows for variations. The system is easy to install and allows the panels to be stepped, helping the fence line to follow the contours of the ground. With the vandal resistant security fixings this post and clamp system.


    • Threaded insert posts available


    Product and Finish Standards

    • Security rated to SR1 standard by the LPCB
    • Mesh panel wire manufactured to BS 4102 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2:2001 class D, weld strength is 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire (tensile range 540-690 N/m2)
    • Post material manufactured to BS EN 10210-2:1997 and galvanised to BS EN 10346:2009
    • Panels & Posts are powder coated to BS EN 13438:2005 (min 100 micron)

    Prison Fencing - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is prison mesh?

    Prison mesh, often called “358 mesh” or “anti-climb mesh,” is a specialised type of security fencing designed to provide maximum security and deter unauthorised access. Ideal for a wide range of applications and locations, these fences are made from meticulously welded wires with narrow apertures. This makes them impossible to cut through with conventional wire cutters, as well as near impossible to breach, as intruders are unable to get a foothold.

  • What are the deterring properties of prison fencing?

    The strength of a mesh fence can vary based on its design, materials, and construction. Here’s why Alexandra Security’s Protek 358 Elite is renowned for its strength:

    ● Wire Thickness: Prison mesh typically features wires that are 4mm thick, making it highly resistant to cutting or bending.
    ● Welded Intersections: The wires in prison mesh are welded at every intersection, significantly enhancing its structural integrity and preventing disassembly.
    ● Anti-Climb Design: The design of prison mesh is specifically engineered to deter climbing, as the small apertures and thick wires make it challenging for individuals to grip or climb, or insert tools for cutting or scaling the fence.
    ● Clear Line of Sight: Despite its security features, prison mesh allows for a clear line of sight, making it suitable for surveillance and visibility on both sides of the fence.

  • What is the strongest mesh fencing?

    All galvanised mesh systems are very strong, but the 358 fencing system is the strongest, with this elite system offering that little bit extra in terms of maximum security. These security solutions feature a zinc alloy coating, providing remarkable strength, long-term durability, and resistance to corrosion.

  • What is the best fence to stop intruders?

    Prison Mesh, known for its small apertures, thick wires, and anti-climb design, is highly effective in preventing unauthorised access. It’s commonly used in correctional facilities, military compounds, and high-security installations.

    However, there are a number of other great high-security solutions. These include:

    ● High-Security Chain-Link Fencing: Enhanced chain-link fencing with features like razor wire or barbed wire can be effective at deterring intruders. The added security features make it difficult to breach the fence.
    ● Palisade Fencing: Palisade fencing features vertical steel pales with sharp or pointed tops, making it a formidable deterrent. It’s visually imposing and challenging to scale.
    ● Electric Security Fencing: Electric fences deliver a non-lethal shock to anyone attempting to climb or breach the fence, providing an active deterrent.
    ● Anti-Climb Fence Toppers: Additional solutions, like our rotating anti-climb spikes, can make just about any fence a formidable deterrent.

    The best fence for you to stop intruders depends on the level of security required, the property location, and any specific threats. Remember that a comprehensive security strategy may involve a combination of fencing, access control systems, surveillance, and security personnel for the most effective protection.

  • What are the other mesh systems?

    Alexandra Security manufactures a variety of medium to high-security perimeter solutions. Here is our range of mesh fences:

    SiteGard P500 V-Mesh Fencing System
    Protek 1000 – Security V Mesh Fencing – Clip System
    Protek 2000 – Security V-Mesh Fencing – Clamp System
    Protek 2000 Privacy – Security V-Mesh & Timber Fence System
    Protek 656 Clip – Twin-Wire Mesh Fencing System
    Protek 656 Clamp – Twin-Wire Mesh Security Fence
    Protek 868 Clip – Twin-Wire Mesh Security Fence
    Protek 868 Clamp – Twin-Wire Mesh Security Fence
    Protek 868 Elite – SR1 Rated Twin-Wire Mesh Fencing
    Protek 868 Rebound Mesh Sports Fencing
    Spectator Rail Fencing

    Each of these serves different purposes and offers varying levels of security, making them suitable for various applications, including general perimeter demarcation, sports areas, and high-security facilities.