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    Security Gates

    Alexandra Security: Mesh, Palisade and Railing Security Gates

    At Alexandra Security, we offer a wide variety of heavy-duty security gates, including Protek single and twin-wire mesh gates, palisade gates, railing gates, scaffolds and site gates. Each of our metal gates comes complete with posts, hinges, and a pad-lockable side latch. Many of our gates also feature pad-lockable drop bolts.

    Regarding measurements, our industrial gates are stocked in standard widths, heights and colours at our headquarters in Kent. This allows us to fulfil orders quickly, reducing your lead time before you can receive delivery of your new gate. We also offer collection from our depot if this is more suitable for you.

    It’s also possible to have your security gate manufactured to fit your existing fence or for a future installation from our range. If you require custom security gates, our team will be able to advise you on the expected lead time, given your gate specification.

    Our range of industrial security gates includes single-wire and twin-wire gates, as well as rebound sports mesh gates specifically designed for use on sports pitches and MUGAs. Most of our gates are available with standard dig-in posts as well as base-plated posts for bolting into concrete.

    Security Gates in Standard and Bespoke Sizes

    We manufacture our security solutions in our own workshop to ensure we maintain the best quality and standard. At Alexandra Security, we can also make any of our access control systems to your bespoke requirements.

    Optional extras such as padlocks, digital locks, magnetic locks and quick-release catches are available when placing your order. All of the heavy-duty, high-quality galvanised steel security gates we supply are available to be powder coated with any RAL colour, allowing you to match a corporate colour if you wish.

    All of our custom security gate solutions are supported by their own set of CAD drawings, so no matter what you select, you’ll have the chance to view and approve your gates before committing to manufacture.

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    Palisade Gates

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    Metal Security Gates - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of metal gate suits my site best?

    To choose the right gate for your site, your privacy needs, functional requirements, desired security levels, traffic patterns, and available space must be considered. A variety of gate types cater to these considerations, for example:

    If you’re interested in finding the right gate for your site, browse through the sectors we work with to see what might suit your site best. You can also always contact us on 01892 833 001 to discuss the right security solution for your site.

  • What is the strongest metal gate?

    Steel gates are widely regarded as the strongest metal for gates. Steel is known for its durability and ability to withstand the elements, making it an ideal choice for those prioritising strength in their gates. The inherent toughness of steel ensures a long-lasting and secure security solution for your property.

  • Which is better: steel or aluminium gates?

    The choice between steel and aluminium gates depends on your specific needs. Steel gates are known for providing excellent security. On the other hand, aluminium gates are valued for their lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance requirements. That said, all of our steel gates are galvanised, making them just as resistant to corrosion as their aluminium counterparts.

  • Are metal gates expensive?

    The cost of metal gates varies depending on the type of metal, design, and size. You can always request a free quote from us, whether for your own metal garden gates or a large-scale construction project. We offer an affordable price for this valuable investment in the safety and protection of your property.

  • Which way will the security gates open?

    Your security gates can open either way. Whether you prefer the gate to swing inwards or outwards depends on the specifics of your site.

    Safety considerations play a crucial role; for instance, opening a gate onto a road might pose risks, making an inward swing more appropriate. At Alexandra, we provide the flexibility to customise the gate's direction based on your site requirements, ensuring both functionality and safety.

  • Will the chosen width contain the gate posts?

    Determining the width of your security gate involves a crucial decision: inclusive or exclusive of the posts. If you have a specific gap width in mind and want the entire gate, including the posts, to fit into that space, then an inclusive measurement is what you need. On the other hand, if you desire the actual gate opening to be a specific width, excluding the posts, then an exclusive measurement is the way to go. At Alexandra, precision matters, and we tailor the gate width to your exact specifications, whether inclusive or exclusive of the posts.

  • Can the gate tie into an existing fence?

    Absolutely. If you choose the corresponding gate type that fits your fence, our gates can seamlessly integrate into your fencing system. It's essential to communicate whether you want the gate to stand alone or tie into an existing or new fence line.

    If integration is your preference, we'll work with you to determine the height at which the rails from your current palisade fence will join the gate post. This ensures a perfect match, as different manufacturers may have rails at slightly different heights. Your gate, your way – we provide the flexibility and expertise to meet your specific requirements.

  • What are the benefits of Alexandra Security commercial security gates?

    Commercial security gates offer several benefits, providing enhanced safety and protection for various applications. Here are some key advantages:

    • Diverse Options: Alexandra Security offers a range of heavy-duty gates, including single and twin-wire mesh, palisade, railing, scaffolds, and site gates.
    • Complete Packages: Gates are supplied with posts, hinges, pad-lockable side latches, and many feature pad-lockable drop bolts.
    • Quick Fulfillment: Standard-sized gates are stocked in Kent for quick order processing and reduced lead time.
    • Customisation: Gates can be tailored to fit existing fences or future installations, with bespoke manufacturing available.
    • Optional Extras: Additional features like padlocks, digital locks, magnetic locks, and quick-release catches are available.
    • High-Quality Manufacturing: All gates are produced in-house to maintain quality standards, and CAD drawings are provided for customisation approval.