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    Solar Farm Security Fencing & Gates

    Solar Farm FencingThe quick expansion of eco-friendly and low-carbon energy, along with the rising significance of renewable energy sources, has led to a rapid growth in the utilization of solar farms. As the equipment used in a solar farm is often quite costly, it becomes a prime target for theft and vandalism. Therefore, it is essential to implement a strong perimeter security and access system to prevent unauthorized access. At Alexandra Security, we can guide you on the most suitable solution, offer a competitive quote, and suggest a recommended installer, if necessary.

    Meeting UK Standards For Solar Farm Fencing

    The presence of large-scale solar farms in rural areas is becoming more frequent. When selecting a perimeter fence for a UK solar farm, several factors must be taken into account due to the likely remote location. Environmental standards experts at BRE have released guidelines for developing large ground-mounted solar systems. The guidelines recommend the use of proven security fencing, such as weld mesh, that meets British standards. Standard fencing options are unlikely to provide the necessary level of resistance to deter potential intruders.

    Apart from the perimeter fence, the access specifications for a potential solar panel farm are equally crucial. Given the remote nature of the site, a robust physical level of security must guard access into the area to withstand a high level of attack. Consequently, we suggest using twin-wire mesh gates as a minimum requirement for specifying a gate for a solar farm. These mesh gates blend well with security fencing, are easy to integrate with CCTV systems and access control, making them an ideal choice.

    Solar Farm FencingSolar Farm Fencing Considerations

    When choosing fencing and gates for solar farms in the UK, it is essential to minimize the visual impact and maintain respect for the surrounding landscape. This typically means that a completely solid fence is unsuitable and will not meet requirements. Welded mesh panels are a better option as they provide a higher level of visibility through the fence and can be stepped to match the contours of the ground. Certain types of mesh, such as paladin or varimesh, are particularly suitable because of their variable spaced apertures, making them blend even better into the surrounding area. To reduce the visual impact of the perimeter barrier, green is a popular powder-coated colour for metal fencing. Additionally, the powder-coat provides a long-lasting, maintenance-free lifespan for the solar farm fence.

    In some cases, agricultural fencing and gates, such as wooden or deer fencing, have been contemplated for use around solar farms, mainly due to cost-savings. However, as solar panel technology has advanced and the value of equipment stored in compounds has risen, specifiers now suggest a security fencing solution. Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider wildlife movements around the perimeter or site access road. Suitable measures may be taken to enable access by larger rural mammals, such as badgers and foxes. This can be accomplished by flipping the mesh panel and cutting access holes at regular intervals. Alternatively, depending on the size of the install, it’s best to keep animals out of the site completely.

    Fencing For Solar Panel Farms

    Below are some reasons to consider installing security measures for solar panel farms:

    • Protect animals from harm
    • Prevent unauthorized access by pedestrians and vehicles
    • Prevent disconnection and power outages
    • Avoid expensive repairs

    At Alexandra we can recommend a complete system for solar farm security installers. We also have a network of approved installers all across the UK, who are able to provide site surveys in areas near them. We can provide on-time delivery direct to site, or if you are in the south-east; collect directly from us. Contact our team today for a competitive quote on any of the mesh security systems.

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