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    Car Park Barriers

    Our car park barriers are designed to control access to your property or any restricted areas on your premises.

    Car Park BarriersInstalling a car park barrier system is essential for safeguarding your property. At Alexandra Security, we have designed a range of robust car park barriers solutions that will enhance security and control at your premises.

    One Of The UK’s Leading Suppliers Of Car Park Barriers

    Discover the perfect car park barrier solutions tailored to your needs. Our durable products, crafted from premium materials like galvanised steel and aluminium, ensure reliable performance.

    The Height Restriction Barriers prevent over-height or heavy vehicles from entering restricted zones. With a customisable design, this barrier can be manufactured to any height and width specifications.

    For secure access control for commercial and industrial sites, look no further than the Manual Arm Access Barriers. Installed with balanced weights and manually operated, it’s a cost-effective barrier option.

    Our Swing Barrier Gate is also manually operated and comes available in single and double-leaf configurations. With a rigid, strengthened design and secure locking options, it will offer your premises or car park an added layer of safety.

    The Armco Car Park Crash Barriers are ideal for safeguarding against vehicle impacts in industrial areas. Manufactured using corrugated steel, the Armco crash barrier redirects fast-moving vehicles to protect nearby pedestrians and physical structures.

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    Car Park Barriers - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should the height of car park barriers be?

    There are no specific car park barrier regulations that stipulate what height these barriers should be. However, it ranges from 1.9m to 4m in height, with the average car park barrier height (UK) generally falling between 2m and 2.5m.

    While there are no regulations for the height of car park barriers, there are building regulations that impact vehicle access barriers. Specifically, building regulation BS 6399 pertains to the amount of force that a vehicle access barrier or any similar structure can handle.

  • What are car park barriers called?

    There are a variety of car park barriers available, each with a different name. At Alexandra Security, we offer:

  • What are the poles that stop people from parking?

    These poles are typically known as "bollards" and are used in parking areas. They serve as a physical barrier that prevents vehicles from encroaching on restricted spaces, walkways, or pedestrian zones.

  • How does a car park barrier work?

    There are several styles of car park barriers available. Some, such as swing gates and arm access barriers, help to restrict the flow of traffic in and out of certain areas. Height barriers are used to restrict heavier and taller vehicles from entering restricted areas. Lastly, crash barriers can be used in car park areas to protect pedestrians, buildings and other objects from being damaged by vehicles.