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    Combination Goal Solutions Integrated Into Perimeter Sports Fencing

    Alexandra’s Protek 656 and 868 Rebound sports mesh and Protek Spectator Rail can be used to enclose anything from a sports field to a tennis court, but for customers looking for the whole package Alexandra has a range of accessories to complete your installation, all made and finished to the same high standards as the perimeter mesh you’ve selected.

    Not all designers have the luxury of space, and some often have to apply creative solutions to ensure that the maximum number of sports and users can take advantage of the same area. Play not only has to remain within the designated area (especially when close to homes and businesses) but all users have to be able to play freely in a safe environment. At Alexandra we ensure that all courts are designed and finished to the highest standards taking into account all the latest regulations and recommendations from the relevant sporting bodies.

    Combined Football, Hockey, Basketball & Netball Solutions

    The recessed goal illustrated on the opposite page is integrated into the fence line. These are available in any size required, but a table below will help you specify something that fits with your requirement. We’ve also shown how a basketball or netball hoop can be integrated into the design. This can be placed on one of the extended fence posts, or the hoop and back board can be attached directly to the mesh panel that sits above the goal mouth crossbar.

    Bespoke Design To Your Exact Requirements

    The important thing to remember is that whatever your requirement Alexandra will be there to help with the solution, providing bespoke CAD drawings to help you visualise how your new sports facility will look and function. Our expert team is on hand to guide you in the process of creating your ideal sports fencing solution.

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    Protek Rebound Sports Accessories - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the correct height for a basketball or netball hoop?

    A netball ring is 3.05m above ground whilst a basketball ring is 3.04m, that’s just 10mm difference.

  • Are recessed goals suitable for hockey as well as football?

    Hockey goals should be recessed. The crossbar of a hockey goal should be 2.14m above the ground, measured from the bottom of the crossbar. The inner edges of the upright goalposts must be 3.66m apart. This gives the goal entrance a total area of 7.83sqm. Hockey goals must also be at least 1.2m deep at ground level and at least 0.9m deep at crossbar level.