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    SiteGard® – Single Leaf Wire Mesh Gate

    Secure smaller pedestrian site personnel entrances with the Alexandra Security single-leaf SiteGard.

    The mesh clad frame ensures good visibility at the pedestrian entrance/exit helping to improve safety with construction traffic. The gate, frames and posts are all powder coated black, protecting the steel and providing a long-lasting high-quality finish.

    Protect The Privacy Of Your Site

    The flat wire weld-mesh of SiteGard construction gates not only prevents climbing, it also allows for clear vision through the gate, providing additional safety from other pedestrians and vehicles on the other side of the gate when gates are in use. This temporary pedestrian gate can also easily be clad with ply over the wire mesh, allowing for increased security and extra privacy for your site.

    Flexible Mounting Options

    In situations where dig-in posts are not allowed or the ground isn’t suitable, the gate can be securely mounted onto concrete blocks using our heavy-duty corner straps. Precisely laser-folded to match SiteGard gate posts, these single-piece mild steel straps are also powder-coated to match the finish of the gate. Straps can be fitted to suit any variation dependent on where the concrete block sits in relation to the gates, and are strong enough to hold our largest 8m Sitegard bi-fold double-leaf gate.

    Safety As Standard

    All SiteGard gates also come with gate restrainers, a simple but essential safety device to prevent the gate failing should the top or bottom hinge fail. These retrainers comply with BS EN 12604 and are tested on gates up to 500kg.

    Temporary Works Approved

    Temporary Works ApprovedThe full range of SiteGard standard gates and post sets are Temporary Works Approved. This takes into account wind loadings for all mainland UK wind zones as well as notional crowd loadings, in accordance with Temporary Works Forum (TwF) guidance. The calculations have been carried out using British Standards design codes.

    Reusable And Recyclable

    Here at Alexandra Security, we are proud of the high standard our SiteGard gates are manufactured to in our own UK workshops. Unlike other site gates, SiteGard gates, frames and posts are all powder coated black, protecting the steel and providing a long-lasting high-quality finish. This attention to detail means our gates can survive heavy use on site and are often reusable at the end of a project.

    Our SiteGard range are also recyclable, reducing waste when you finish with your construction project, if you choose not to reuse the gate. We hold stock of common SiteGard sizes at our depot in Kent, meaning you can order, collect and install your gate at your site on the same day. For sites further afield, transport can be arranged for delivery and unloaded directly to your site, usually within 48 hours.

    SiteGard Technical

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    Product and Finish Standards

    • Framework and posts powder-coated black over steel
    • Gate spec detailed below (see literature for example) is: 2.4m high x 1.2m wide (actual size 2.4m high x 1300mm wide) clad with Protek 1000. Gate set includes two dig in type posts, padlockable slide latch and two adjustable hinges


    • Concrete Former Box: Where the drilling of base plates isn’t an option, Alexandra can provide concrete former boxes for the customer to use to construct supports for their temporary gates.
    • Base plated
    • Straps to bolt to concrete posts