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    SiteGard® CraneGard – Tower Crane Protection and Access Control

    Tower Crane Barrier Solutions with CraneGard

    CraneGard offers a seamless, wind-tested, anti-climb tower crane protection system. This solution forms a defined safety barrier around the base of tower cranes, ensuring both worker safety and preventing unauthorized access to the crane structure.

    Rising Incidents of Unauthorised Tower Crane Climbing

    Unauthorised climbing of tower cranes has increased significantly, particularly during night-time. Construction sites attract thrill-seekers, social media influencers, and protesters who attempt to scale tower cranes. This perilous activity poses severe risks, including potential falls, crane damage, and significant financial and reputational harm to contractors.

    Main Contractor’s Responsibility for Tower Crane Security

    SiteGard CraneGard

    The primary responsibility for site security and safety lies with the main contractor. To prevent unauthorized access, additional tower crane security measures must be implemented. It is crucial to ensure safe access for maintenance and erection/dismantling personnel while considering wind load impacts on crane foundations.

    Limitations of Wooden Hoarding for Tower Crane Surrounds

    Wooden hoarding is sometimes used as a tower crane surround solution, but it has several health and safety drawbacks:

    • Climbability: Wooden barriers can potentially be scaled.
    • Inspection Difficulties: Hoardings obscure the crane base, complicating inspections. It also obscures natural light.
    • High Wind Loading: The solid panels create a large sail effect, adding extra load to posts and foundations on windy sites.
    • Reusability: Hoarding is often not reusable at the end of the site.

    SiteGard CraneGard

    Introducing CraneGard – A Superior Tower Crane Surround

    CraneGard, part of the SiteGard range, adheres to core principles of safety and efficiency. Its 2.4-meter high base-plated compound forms an effective anti-climb barrier, thanks to the tightly spaced apertures of its powder-coated 358 weld-mesh panels. Unlike timber hoarding, CraneGard provides clear visibility into the compound, enhancing safety, reducing wind-loading, and enabling comprehensive 360° visual maintenance inspections.

    SiteGard CraneGard Details

    Easy To Install & Reuse

    CraneGard is designed for easy installation, minimizing labor costs. Each post includes a hooked clip insert, allowing the mesh panels to hang freely during setup. This design eliminates the need for additional manpower to hold the panels in place. All clips feature anti-tamper steel fixings. Yellow corner protectors highlight perimeter edges for better visibility and conceal the ends of the mesh panels.

    SiteGard CraneGard Details

    Configurable Access Control

    The 5.1m square enclosure provides ample space for personnel to navigate around the crane mast. The access door can be configured to open either inwards or outwards, maximizing space and fitting the site layout. Access to the compound is secured with either a key lock or digital lock, and a quick-release push-pad inside the gate allows for safe, unassisted exit.

    SiteGard – Your Go-To Range for Construction Site Security

    We hold stock of CraneGard as well as common SiteGard gate sizes at our depot in Kent, meaning you can order, collect and install your gate at your site on the same day. For sites further afield, transport can be arranged for delivery and unloaded directly to your site, usually within 48 hours. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

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    Product and Finish Standards

    • Panels manufactured to BS 4102 and galvanised top BS EN 10244-2:2001 Class D.
    • Posts manufactured to BS EN 10201-2:1997.
    • All powder coating to BS EN 13438:2005 (min 100 micron).


    • Gatemaster digital lock (front face) + quick release push-pad and shroud (rear face)
    • Gatemaster key lock (front face) + quick release push-pad and shroud (rear face)
    • Expansion posts and mesh panels (to increase perimeter size as needed)