When you first think of construction sites, you may be curious as to why you would need perimeter fencing. After all, people should be able to see the site and know that there are hazards they should avoid. Likewise, a semi-constructed building surely presents no valuable items for people to steal, right?

While the answers to these questions may seem obvious to you, for others, it’s not. These are just two factors contributing to the need for construction site fencing. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of perimeter fencing around construction sites.

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What Is The Purpose of Fencing for Construction Sites?

From health and safety to preventative measures, temporary construction fencing and security gates serves several purposes on a site. Keep reading to learn why it’s vital you have fencing at your site.

Fencing Around Constructions Sites Prevents Intrusion

Whether accidental or not, it’s vital that you prevent people from gaining access to your site. This is especially necessary for busy areas where there is heavy foot traffic, as people may look to find a quicker way to reach their destination through your site. This could result in them getting in harm’s way or simply obstructing your team from carrying out their work.

Improves the Safety of Workers & Public

UK legislation stipulates that businesses must not put the public or workers at risk while conducting their work. At construction sites, there are various hazards that pose a risk to individuals who find themselves on site, such as falling objects, ditches or other excavated areas, scaffolding and more. This is especially true for the general public. By erecting fencing and temporary Sitegard gates around your site, you’ll keep the public out of harm’s way.

Construction Fencing Provides Legal & Insurance Compliance

Should you fail to secure your construction site with temporary construction fencing and someone gets injured on site, then it’s likely that you will not be covered legally. This would hold true even if the individual injured were trespassing on the site, as you did not take reasonable steps to prevent such an event from occurring.

Fencing for Constructions Sites Prevents Equipment Theft

nstruction sites that are unprotected. Commercial security fencing and gates, such as the SiteGard Bi-Folding mesh gate, serve as a visual and physical barrier and prevent thieves from doing this.

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From the prevention of theft and injury to compliance issues and safety, there are several valid reasons that call for security fencing on construction sites. Here at Alexandra Security, we offer a range of construction fencing and gate options that can serve all your fencing needs. Contact our team to discuss the best solution for your needs.