When it comes to your business premises, protecting your assets is very important. One way to do this is to control the type and amount of traffic that can enter your premises and/or car park area. An effective measure that can help with this is traffic barriers.

However, there are numerous types available, each of which serves a different purpose ranging from protecting pedestrians to keeping construction sites clear and safe. Here, we explain the different types of traffic barriers you could consider for your business premises.

How To Choose The Right Traffic Barrier

Traffic barriers provide an effective tool for you to control vehicle access to your premises. The type of barrier you choose to install will depend on three factors:

  • The type of traffic entering your premises: The barrier you choose may vary depending on whether you want to allow heavy vehicles or only lightweight vehicles to enter your property.
  • Nature of your premises: You’ll choose a different barrier depending on the situation, such as with public or private areas, commercial or residential areas and construction sites.
  • Why you’re installing the barrier: Some traffic barriers are designed to control traffic flow, whereas others are used to prevent certain vehicles from accessing your premises.

How Many Types Of Safety Barriers Are There?

There are many styles of safety and traffic barriers available. However, some a better suited to construction sites and general road traffic while others are designed to be implemented in car parks and at business premises – which is what you’ll be looking for.

At Alexandra Security, we have three traffic barriers on offer, over and above our other security solutions, that will help control the traffic flow at your business premises.

Height Restriction Barriers

Height restriction barriers are typically designed to prevent over-height or heavy-duty vehicles from entering unauthorised areas, as well as preventing these vehicles from causing damage to your property.

Swing Barrier Gate

A swing barrier gate is a perfect solution if you’re looking to restrict access to your business premises. Swing gates can be used to provide security against pedestrians and vehicles.

Manual Rising Arm Barriers

These traffic barriers will help to limit vehicle access to your business premises, car park or office area. With its lockable arm, it will ensure unauthorised vehicles do not gain access to your property, even after trading hours.

Would You Install Traffic Barriers?

Traffic barriers will help control traffic flow and add an extra layer of security to your premises. If you’re still unsure which option would be best for your property, get in touch with our team, they’ll be able to provide you with guideance on the correct solution for your project.