While Armco barriers are commonly recognized as perimeter protection for traffic and roadside, their applications can extend beyond those domains to other safety uses. Often overlooked is their significant role in industrial environments such as warehouses and factories. This article highlights the effectiveness of utilizing steel barriers as a reliable means of safeguarding the workplace.

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Enhancing Warehouse Safety with Armco Crash Barriers

In warehouse environments where vehicle operations, such as forklift trucks, are common, prioritizing accident prevention is crucial. By implementing Armco barriers around areas with high movement, in front of shelving units, and between valuable equipment, the risk of substantial damage caused by uncontrollable vehicles can be significantly reduced.

On high movement warehouse floors, it is far more advantageous to prevent accidents proactively rather than dealing with the aftermath of damaged inventory or costly downtime while waiting for vehicle or machinery repairs. Crash barriers serve as an ideal solution by providing a visible barrier between different areas and allowing minor collisions to occur without causing harm to the objects behind them.

When foot traffic and forklift operations overlap, the installation of Armco barriers establishes clear sections where both types of traffic can safely coexist. By incorporating end terminals and end caps, access points within the barrier can be easily identified.

Moreover, for areas where vehicles are prohibited, the installation of Armco crash barriers effectively blocks and safeguards doors, entrances, and staff-only zones. In the unfortunate event of a collision between a vehicle and the crash barrier, the resulting damage or injuries are likely to be significantly less severe compared to the absence of a warehouse safety barrier.

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Enhancing Car Park Safety with Armco Crash Barriers

Car parks, similar to warehouses, pose a high risk of collisions due to heavy vehicle movements. Whether public or private, car parks can significantly benefit from the installation of Armco barriers within and around the parking area, particularly in dimly lit environments where the risk is heightened, especially during nighttime.

By fitting crash barriers along the inner perimeter of a car park, not only does it establish a clear boundary, but it also plays a vital role in safeguarding fences and walls from minor impacts caused by parking vehicles. Unlike low-height security barriers such as fencing or bollards, steel barriers are designed to flex upon low-speed impacts and redirect a car’s trajectory along the length of the barrier in the case of higher-speed collisions. This distinguishing feature sets Armco apart from other alternatives.

Car park barriers require minimal maintenance and are galvanized to withstand weathering, making them an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor parking areas. Whether it’s a staff car park at an office premises, an indoor parking facility at a shopping centre, or a large outdoor car park, all can benefit from the additional safety that an Armco system provides.

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Alexandra – A Nationwide Supplier of Safety Barrier Products

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