Infrastructure & Transport

While not all fencing projects are the same, Alexandra holds enough products in stock to ensure that our customers have immediate access to the right components at the right time. But that’s only part of our business.

Special projects like the new train laydown area at Dovers Corner in Rainham required us to design and fabricate three cantilever sliding gates, and double leaf bi-fold gate for a restricted working area, all fitted with our popular Protek 1000 mesh, base-plated for installation onto the existing concrete floor surface and complimented by additional runs of matching 4m high fencing and posts.

Like a lot of end users, they took full advantage of the vast range of powder coated colours available; however in this instance it had more to do with onsite safety in the work place than good corporate branding.

Projects like these are only possible because of the investment Alexandra makes in R&D, testing, and of course bespoke CAD drawings.

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