Specifying perimeter fencing can’t be easy for schools. Often there is no dedicated resource onsite, so the job of overseeing a new installation could end up being passed to someone with little or no experience of all the factors that have to be considered, such as security and safety.

Not a problem for Pyrcroft Grange Primary School who worked with an experienced contractor that understood exactly what was required.

The customer needed to keep the front of the school open and visible, while other areas, such as those around playing areas and fields, should be screened off, and because the school’s perimeter was adjacent to housing and roads, the installation had to fit in with the local community without being too dominant and oppressive, especially when viewed from the pupils side.

Their solution was to use the Alexandra Protek 2000 Privacy, with attractive timber infill panels supported within the ‘V’ profile of the mesh and a secure fixing baton on the back.

And for that added special touch, all metal surfaces were finished in the school’s colours, a lasting reminder to all parents that their children were attending a learning centre that valued quality and a professional appearance as much as the safety and wellbeing of the children in their care.

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