Education, Farming & Agriculture

Abbey Court School Farm in Medway, Kent recently installed a perimeter mesh fencing system in preparation for their new duck pond. The school’s chosen installer used Alexandra Security to supply Protek 1000 mesh fencing with some additional non-standard features.

While the apertures on the Protek 1000 are wide enough to view through, the school wanted dedicated viewing panels installed at certain points around the perimeter, allowing the children at the school a completely clear view of the animals that will inhabit the new pond. In addition, extra overhangs on top of the mesh fencing panels were specified, to provide extra security.
A single matching Protek 1000 pedestrian gate was installed to provide access, complete with padlockable latch. The whole system was powder coated green to blend in with the surroundings and once the pond is filled and grown in, will provide a safe habitat for it’s inhabitants.

The undulating ground of the school farm meant that sections of the mesh fence had to be stepped down to provide an even perimeter, something that mesh fencing is particularly suitable for. The posts were dug into the ground to provide a secure foundation for the whole system.

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