For most specifiers, having a high gate installed should be enough to keep intruders out. Alexandra even offers Protek 358 where the wire mesh apertures are too small to get a toehold. But how do you cope with the more persistent unwanted visitors?

The commercial operation that specified a Palisade perimeter installation knew that the triple pointed tip of each pale would put off most intruders, but for maximum protection, they needed to include our Rotating Anti-Climb feature on top.

The central axis of this product is simply fixed to the top of the fence line using brackets that can either be straight, twisted or cranked according to the specifiers needs, and the three-point vanes are simply slotted onto the axis so that they can freely rotate, which means that even if a climber was brave enough to grasp the vanes, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to pull themselves up.

In addition to the straight runs favoured by this customer, the same rotating anti-climb system can be applied to a number of areas that are at risk from being scaled – soil stacks, drainpipes, pylons, all can be protected with special assemblies.

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