A company like Big Box Self Storage trades on many things including its image, and for its Tonbridge operation they’re fortunate enough to occupy a good position beside a well-used road. So what better way to present yourself to new and existing customers than to ensure that your brand and corporate colours encompass every part of your facility.

The striking colour starts at the building and radiates out to include the corrugated safety barrier, the bollards, the security fencing and all the entry points, including the main sliding gate. The Protek 2000 profiled mesh panel system was selected, with the full-length clamp bars providing a higher level of security, and the strong but slim wires and posts offering excellent visibility in and out of the site.
This is a creative treatment that has been applied to other Big Box Self Storage sites around the UK, and many businesses are catching on to the big benefits of using their premises to create a ‘wow factor’ as well as a great first impression.
Alexandra will always hold large stocks of its perimeter solutions in standard finishes, but if you’d like details of the special colours available, just mention it when you speak to our sales team.
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