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    Paladin Fencing Solutions

    Paladin Fencing Systems

    Paladin 3D Fencing Solutions

    Providing Robust Perimeter Security with Paladin Mesh Fencing.

    Paladin fencing is a welded wire mesh solution crafted from steel strands, ensuring high-strength security for various applications. At Alexandra Security Limited, our extensive experience, industry-leading customer support, large stock and extensive range position us as your trusted partner for perimeter security solutions. Based in Kent, we supply and deliver nationwide.

    Key Benefits and Features of Mesh Fencing

    • High Strength and Security: Crafted from welded steel strands, Paladin fencing offers robust security.
    • Partial Transparency: Clear visibility through the fence, leaving no room for concealment.
    • Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut: Difficult to scale or cut due to small gaps, enhancing security.
    • Fast and Easy Installation: A quicker and more straightforward installation process compared to other mesh fencing options.
    • Cost-Effective: Provides a cost-effective security solution.
    • Rust and Corrosion Resistance: Powder coating and hot-dip galvanisation ensure durability.
    • Colour Customisation: Over 1,000 RAL colour options to suit your aesthetic preferences.

    Paladin Fencing Systems

    Origins of Paladin Fencing

    Originally a brand name, Paladin is the original striped mesh product developed over 20 years ago in Belgium by Baekaert. The term has since become widely used to describe this type of weld-mesh fencing.

    Do You Need a Paladin Fence?

    With its wide range of applications and features, Paladin fencing is ideal for almost any space. Contact us today to learn more about our security fencing solutions, and let us design and manufacture your next fence with a 15-year guarantee, for added peace of mind.

    Applications of Paladin Mesh Fences

    Paladin fencing finds versatile applications across various sectors:

    Why Choose Alexandra Security?

    Alexandra Security, a leading supplier and installer of perimeter fencing, barriers, and gates, offers premium UK-manufactured fencing solutions. In operation since 1986, we’ve built up a firm reputation for fast, efficient supply to the perimeter security market and trade in full accordance with BS EN ISO 9001. As the market’s needs have grown, so have we, investing in innovation and testing programs that give us an enviable range of products and keep us one step ahead of our competitors. Our committed and talented team delivers top-notch customer service, meticulously constructed designs, and quality products every time.

    In a market where lead times are paramount, Alexandra Security maintains substantial stock levels across the majority of our products, providing our customers with a competitive edge. For all items in stock, we ensure delivery to any designated site within three working days, accompanied by a commitment to delivering excellent personal service throughout the entire process – from initial quotation to final delivery. Our operational hours, from 7:00 am every Monday to Friday, allow our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

    For robust and reliable perimeter security, choose Alexandra Security’s Fencing Solutions. Contact us today for a comprehensive fencing solution tailored to your needs.

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