In school premises, the safety of the children is paramount. Keeping criminals and other unsavoury characters off the premises and away from children should be a top priority for these institutions.

Today, there are various security solutions that can be used in many different settings to help achieve this aim. Here, we discuss three of the top solutions for educational institutions to consider.

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1. Perimeter Fencing

Ensuring that students, staff and parents remain safely on campus while unauthorised personnel remain off school property is the first consideration any educational facility should take into account.

The perimeter fencing chosen should be robust, strong and a deterrent to those outside. Fencing solutions such as mesh fencing and gates can achieve this while still ensuring aesthetic appeal.

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2. Safe Sporting Facilities

School sports are a great way for kids to have fun, and they also play an important role in social development. Educational institutions should look to install outdoor facilities such as hockey and football pitches and MUGAs.

Of course, these facilities will require adequate fencing solutions, such as rebound sports fencing, spectator railing fences and other sports fencing accessories. This can all assist with noise reduction, ball retention and increased safety.

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3. Car Park Safety

A car park can certainly present numerous hazards, especially at a school. Measures must be put in place to protect the children and even pedestrians arriving at or leaving the school throughout the course of the day.

Armed manual access barriers can assist with traffic control and also ensure that only people allowed on the school premises do enter. Handrail fittings can also be used to control the movement of students between the school building and the car park.