This upcoming year will see several fence trends emerge as individuals, businesses, and manufacturers focus more on sustainable materials, and the cost of living crisis looms larger. From stronger fences to more eco-friendly finishes, a few changes are coming in the fencing industry.

As experts in our field, Alexandra Security has put together this guide to fence trends in 2023, so you can get ahead of the curve and invest in the right fence for the future. Keep reading to understand what fences will become more popular and why.

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Popular Fences For 2023

While different types of fences have various applications and ideal sectors, some fences suit a broader range than others. There are a few clear trends in the types of fences that people are choosing over others. Here are the fences coming into popularity in 2023 and why:

Privacy Fencing

Privacy Fencing (Protek Privacy)

Protek Privacy is getting more popular, and we expect more schools to start choosing this in 2023 over standard V-mesh fencing. It gives the advantages of both the look of a traditional wooden fence with the extra security and strength of a metal fence.

The wood inserts are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. In addition to this, the wooden inserts offer increased privacy, as outsiders cannot look in.
Privacy Fencing

ProFence Metal Palisade Fencing

Traditional palisade is probably on its way out in 2023, to be replaced by ProFence Palisade Fencing. ProFence is a better security system, as it is lighter and stronger. It is also more environmentally friendly due to the lower energy needed to manufacture it, making it the superior solution across the board.

Other Fencing Trends in 2023

It is not only the types of fences that will change in the industry this year – the way we manufacture and utilise fences will change too. Here are the areas in which you can expect changes:

Fence Material Needs

In the construction industry, there is currently a major focus on reducing the industry’s carbon footprint as much as possible. This affects many different elements of the industry, right down to the individual products that a contractor will choose to use.

Large contractors need to use products that are recyclable, reusable and carbon neutral. This push has seen a rise in the popularity of products like our SiteGard site gates, which are recyclable. Choosing the right products allows construction companies to move with the times too, and keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.

Perimeter Security Needs

A major trend that is affecting the UK is the cost-of-living crisis that may be predictive of a full recession. Generally, in a recession, many businesses will increase their level of perimeter security to help prevent an expected crime level increase. This may lead to more of our customers choosing the strongest twin-wire fence systems available over a cheaper single-wire system.

Supply Chains

The supply chain issues that the UK have been experiencing from Europe will still be an issue going into the new year. This will be the case across many industries, but especially ours, as most mesh fencing gets imported. For this reason, prices may rise, and some fencing solutions may become difficult to procure.

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Fencing Trends In Construction For 2023

With the economy expected to shrink in 2023, and personal finances become tighter, the demand for housing and house prices are expected to fall. As a result, construction of new build housing projects is expected to reduce. This is likely to mean less demand for fencing systems used in the domestic market, such as railings.

While the housing marketing might see reduced growth or even recession, construction projects for warehouses are expected to increase, as online retailers push for more space to hold stock. With online shopping continuing to grow despite a reduction in personal finances, building companies will still be busy on commercial and industrial projects. With warehouses holding valuable stock, fencing systems such as SR1 rated twin-wire mesh, 358 prison mesh and ProFence palisade fencing are likely to see increased usage in 2023. Internally, demand for fitting Armco barrier will also increase, as installers looks for a way to project stock and shelving from damage by forklifts.

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Conclusion on Trends in Fencing in 2023

Fences will see a number of interesting changing trends in 2023. From an increased focus on sustainable and carbon-neutral materials to the need for improved security, 2023 will see the emergence of stronger, better fences. Alexandra Security, for one, looks forward to these changes.

If you would like to know more about our fencing solutions or the industries we work with, contact us today at 01892 833 001.