Establishing a clearly marked, secure, and safe perimeter is crucial for construction sites, especially in London where criminal activities at these locations pose a significant problem.

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Ensuring Construction Site Perimeters Are Safe & Secure

Theft or damage to equipment can result in missed deadlines and financial setbacks, making a secure perimeter an essential initial measure to deter opportunistic crimes. The theft of construction site equipment is often premeditated, particularly when large machinery and vehicles are involved. The UK’s Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme (CESAR) reveals that only approximately 5% of unregistered equipment is ever recovered. Shockingly, theft from building sites costs the construction industry £800 million annually, with around 7,000 metal-related thefts reported each month. In 2020, building sites in London alone suffered tool theft amounting to £17.5 million.

Thus, ensuring a secure perimeter for your site is of utmost importance, making investment in a high-quality temporary security gate a worthwhile expense, considering the potential financial loss resulting from a break-in.

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Perimeter Fencing For Construction Sites

Construction site perimeter fencing serves as the initial line of defence, ensuring the security of the site. Opting for a temporary fencing solution that is easy to install, durable, and low-maintenance is essential. While traditional wooden hoarding is commonly used for its quick installation and privacy features, a growing trend in the industry is to replace hoarding with v-mesh security fencing.

The rising cost of timber has made metal mesh fencing a more cost-effective choice for site security. V-mesh fencing, with its anti-climb properties, is highly suitable for site hoarding, especially when installed at heights of 2m or more. It can serve as a viable alternative to Heras temporary fencing. By utilizing dig-in posts whenever possible, a robust perimeter fence can be created, making it inaccessible to potential intruders. Moreover, the panels and posts can be easily dismantled and reused for future projects or recycled. In the case of longer-term projects, individual panels or posts can be promptly replaced without compromising the overall strength of the fence.

For the site boundary, we recommend using a mesh fence with a height of 2.4m. This height makes it challenging for individuals to climb or jump over the fence with assistance. Construction-specific mesh panels typically incorporate 4mm wire, striking a balance between panel rigidity and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, mesh fencing is typically powder-coated, which minimizes the visibility of minor scuffs, weathering, or rusting compared to temporary Heras-style fencing.

The SiteGard P500 range is a specialized solution catering to the requirements of the hoarding industry, offering a superior alternative to timber hoarding. In cases where sight lines do not need to be concealed and lower security is sufficient, a v-mesh perimeter offers an appealing boundary option. It is quick and straightforward to install, complements hoarding gates seamlessly, and can serve as a standing perimeter for the finished project if desired. Alternatively, the panels can be easily detached, allowing for reusability by simply replacing the posts.

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Additional Anti-Climb Security For High Risk Locations

For high-risk locations where temporary works are necessary without compromising premises security, an additional rotating anti-climb system installed atop hoarding or security fencing proves to be an excellent solution. This system provides a safe, effective, and highly visible deterrent against climbing, all while adhering to health and safety laws and COSHH regulations. Equipped with freely rotating vanes, it becomes exceedingly difficult to obtain a secure grip and overcome the barrier.

Importantly, this anti-climb fence topper is designed to prevent injury rather than cause harm, as it lacks sharp spikes or hard edges. Its primary purpose is to create a strong visual deterrent that discourages climbing attempts from the outset. Rotating anti-climb spikes are particularly recommended for locations with high-value assets, such as finance or data center premises, especially in London. Additionally, the entire system can be powder-coated in any RAL color, further enhancing its visual appeal and customization options.

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Hoarding Gates For Construction Sites

Construction site perimeter gates play a critical role in site security. They are often identified as vulnerable points targeted by intruders seeking unauthorized access. Therefore, it is imperative to install gates for hoarding that are robust, secure, and difficult to climb. As the gate is frequently used by workers on foot and vehicles for entering and exiting the site, it is essential to ensure that it is easy to operate, lock, and can withstand the heavy use common on building sites.

Compliance with health and safety regulations is of utmost importance, particularly in keeping the public outside the site boundaries and preventing them from being at risk of accidents involving moving vehicles or equipment. Even obstructing pedestrian pathways can pose hazards. Therefore, it is recommended that construction sites have gates that are flexible and do not obstruct their swing arc when opening, ensuring safe passage for both pedestrians and vehicles.

When setting up a temporary framework or demolition project, it is crucial to establish various access points. It is essential to have a site gate solution that offers ease of installation, flexibility to accommodate site changes, and the necessary protection against potential theft, vandalism, and intrusions. As the development project evolves over time, access points and the hoarding boundary may require adjustments, making a movable and easily re-setup gate highly advantageous.

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SiteGard – The Quality Temporary Hoarding Gate Solution

The SiteGard range of temporary security gates provides an ideal solution for swiftly and cost-effectively securing the access points along the perimeter of your new building site. These gates enable frequent access for construction traffic and pedestrians while seamlessly integrating with existing hoarding or perimeter fencing.

The SiteGard range offers a wide selection of gate sizes, ranging from 1.3m to 8m wide, making it possible to secure almost any access point. For smaller entrances used by pedestrians and site personnel, the single-leaf pedestrian SiteGard gate provides effective security. Meanwhile, larger vehicle entrances can be safeguarded using the double-leaf or bi-folding double SiteGard gates. It is common to see a combination of both gate types installed together, allowing for easy access for foot traffic without the need to open a larger gate every time. Regardless of the chosen gate, the option of base plated or strapped posts, along with adjustable hinge bolts, ensures a secure installation that suits the specific profile of your site setup.

SiteGard construction gates feature flat wire weld-mesh that serves a dual purpose: preventing climbing and offering clear visibility through the gate. This clear vision enhances safety by allowing individuals to see other pedestrians and vehicles on the opposite side when the gates are in use. Since these gates are commonly installed between timber hoarding, each gate in the SiteGard range can be easily clad with ply over the wire mesh. This additional cladding enhances security and provides extra privacy for your site. The gate frame is specifically designed with holes, making it straightforward to attach timber hoarding without requiring specialized equipment.

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Uneven Ground or No-Dig Sites

In situations where dig-in posts are not permitted or the ground conditions are unsuitable, SiteGard site gates offer a secure alternative by being mountable onto concrete blocks using heavy-duty corner straps. This scenario often arises on building sites in central London or locations where the ground cannot securely accommodate concreted-in posts. The development of SiteGard strapped posts was specifically aimed at addressing these challenges.

The single-piece mild steel straps, precisely laser-folded to match SiteGard posts, provide a seamless integration. They are also powder-coated in black to match the gate’s finish. The straps can be adjusted to accommodate various configurations based on the positioning of the concrete block in relation to the gates. Furthermore, they are robust enough to support even the largest 8m SiteGard bi-fold double-leaf gate securely.

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The UK’s Most Trusted Temporary Site Gates

Our hoarding gates have gained popularity among the UK’s leading contractors, who highly appreciate their quality and reusability. Recognizing the tight timescales involved in securing sites, we maintain extensive stocks of standard size gates at our depot. This enables us to swiftly dispatch orders directly to you, even on short notice. Additionally, for projects requiring bespoke gate sizes, we offer custom manufacturing services in our workshops. Our knowledgeable team is available to provide guidance and support, assisting you from the initial enquiry stage to coordinating transportation to your site. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and get started.