The safety of our children is always a top priority, no matter where or when. At a school, in particular, children’s safety is of paramount importance. Along with teachers, school staff and the school itself, there is a lot to be protected.

At Alexandra Security, we take their safety very seriously. With over 35 years of experience, we know the importance of perimeter security and have worked with many schools all over the UK. So we have put together this guide on why school security fencing is important. We’ve also outlined the best school fence options, so you can consider what is best for yours.

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Why Is Securing Fencing For Schools Important?

Secure school fencing is important because it helps to keep our children, teachers and schools safe. They are also useful because, as we know, children and teenagers can become difficult to contain. So a security fence helps to keep unwanted intruders outside and the students inside.

A solid perimeter fence can also keep prying eyes from seeing the school grounds, while a palisade fence can allow the children to see out into the world and parents to see in. In other words, different fences can be used for different desired outcomes.

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What Type Of School Fence Is Best For Security?

There are many types of fences, and each offers something different. When considering the right fence for your school, you will have to take into account what lies beyond the fence, whether you want the children to look out and others to look in, whether privacy would be better served with solid fencing, reduction in noise pollution, etc.

In our modern society, with busy streets and many strangers on them, some schools prefer to have a solid fence. However, this can make a school look more like a prison than a happy place of learning. So it is also important to consider aesthetics. A school that looks like a prison is a sad place for children to spend their days and won’t inspire anyone.

Alexandra Security has been an innovator in security systems and perimeter safety since 1986, so we know what works well. Many of the schools where we have erected a fence have decided to go with our mesh fencing option. These sturdy steel fences can be produced in a number of bright and exciting colours, which brings life into what might otherwise be a rather cold aspect of your school. They are also difficult to scale, allow for partial visibility, and are cost-effective.

Along with a palisade fence, we recommend that your school invest in a security gate. This allows your staff to decide who enters the premises and keeps the school safe after hours.

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What Height Should School Fences Be?

According to the BS EN 1176 Play and Equipment Standards, school fencing and gates have to be a minimum of 1 m high. However, 1 m is simply the legal minimum requirement, and we recommend that your school fence is at least 1.8 m high. This ensures that it cannot simply be vaulted over.

When deciding on a fence and the contractors you’ll use to install it, keep in mind that fencing and access systems have to pass a RoSPA inspection. Fortunately, Alexandra Security is well-known in the industry for our dedication to quality, so you can trust that our work will pass with flying colours.

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Conclusion On School Fencing

In our modern world, most businesses, industrial estates and even parks require protection. Schools house our most vulnerable and need security all the more. If you would like to know more about the fences and installations that we offer, contact us today, or read our school case studies. We would love to make your school safe, and we look forward to hearing from you.