SafeSite Fencing recently took on a contract from Winchester City Council to install a new MUGA sports arena around an existing football pitch and adjacent tennis court. SafeSite chose Alexandra to supply our Protek 868 Rebound sports fencing system to complete the job.

In order to further improve security, the specification included some additional 4m high posts with cranked tops facing outwards. These support 3m high Protek 868 Rebound fence panels, finished in powder coat green. The clamp bar system used ensures a secure and strong fit, especially important when balls are coming into regular contact with the fence panels.

The exterior of the MUGA also presented a challenge due to the tight spacing between the perimeter and existing street lighting. This meant slots were carefully cut in the overhanging post mesh to allow the lamp posts to fit.

The MUGA fence run was finished with two sports fencing gates. The main gate is a double-leaf 868 Rebound gate, while a smaller single leaf pedestrian gate was also fitted at the other end of the ball court. Both these gates feature the same tight spacing rebound fence wires in the lower sections, making a seamless run around the perimeter, while also improving ball rebound properties. The double-leaf gate also features drop-bolts fitting on the outside of the gate, increasing safety for players inside the arena.

Upon completion, Winchester City Council now have a new, secure and fit for purpose multi sport ball arena that should last for many years.

For more information on Alexandra’s sports fencing solutions, or to speak to our team of experts about your next MUGA project, contact us today. Alexandra have many years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying sports fencing and we will be happy to advise you on the best product for your exact requirements, whether standard or custom-made.