Summer is a busy time for manufacturers and installers, with most companies looking to take advantage of the long daylight hours and good weather to manage the maximum number of jobs.

But the increase in workload inevitably results in stretched lead times for everyone. Understandable if it’s a large complex project that requires a bespoke solution, but not much help if your end user needs something simpler, and profitability depends on being able to deliver a professional service with a fast turnaround.

This Palisade compound, required for an air conditioning unit in a business complex in Dartford, was not a big job, nor did it have to overcome any major installation issues, but the job was priced, delivered and installed all within the same day.

This was all mainly due to the excelled job carried out by the contractor, but we’re sure the high levels of standard items we like to hold in stock helped to play their part.

Alexandra knows that today’s fencing contractors need a supplier that won’t let them down on product quality and delivery, and we’ll always work with our customers to protect their professional reputation.

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