The Protek 868 twinwire mesh has already been installed in many UK schools and colleges, so it was hardly surprising that the Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston upon Thames specified its use around the perimeter of their playground and ball court areas. However pedestrian paths that run between the school and residential areas made it hard to achieve the required level of privacy for the pupils and so to address the concerns of the customer Alexandra worked with the installation contractor to include a series of steel panels into the manufacture of the fence.

These privacy panels were welded directly on to the Protek 868 mesh, and powder coated as a single unit to ensure a durable and uniform finish. These were then fixed to the posts with clamp bars, which were held securely in place with stainless steel security bolts.

To finish off the installation, and to keep stray balls out of the neighbour’s gardens, another Protek 868 panel was applied above the privacy panel increasing the overall height to three metres.

This was something new for Alexandra, and was of course supported with its own set of CAD drawings so that the finished product offered a smart and professional addition to the school premises.

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