Bluebird House, situated within the premises of Thatchbury Mount Hospital in Southampton, serves as a high-security wing catering to individuals with diverse mental health needs. The facility prioritizes both safety and comfort for its residents, aiming to provide a conducive environment for their well-being. When they wanted to develop a new open space within the existing secure compound, Westend group partnered with Knight Fencing to undertake the project.

With the balance between security measures and the creation of a welcoming environment a key factor, Alexandra’s Protek 358 security weld-mesh system was chosen as the solution. The additional need to prevent direct contact between patients, while maintain a sense of openness and comfort meant that decorative woodland screening panels were added to the face of the mesh.

The flat panel and tightly spaced apertures of Protek 358, combined with the full-length clamp bar were ideal for providing a secure anti-climb security fence system that conforms to the British Standard, making it suitable for use in the NHS.

Once supplied by Alexandra, Knight Fencing expertly installed the system on site, and chose base-plated posts that securely bolted into the existing concrete. Bluebird House now has a new secure area that they can use to support their young patients with their mental health.

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