Infrastructure & Transport

This roof-top car park in south London appeared to be a relatively straight forward project, with the owners requesting high mesh panels around the perimeter, but it presented our technical estimators with a number of challenges.

To preserve the waterproof integrity of the parking surface, and to ensure that the fencing was as flush to the original perimeter wall as possible, all posts needed to be wall mounted.

Brick piers spaced regularly around the original wall meant that a large number of internal and external corners had to be factored into the construction, and design was further complicated by the addition of wide coping stones on the tops of the walls, which meant the post mounting brackets had to be wide enough to accommodate.

This, like all bespoke projects designed and manufactured by Alexandra was supported by a full set of CAD drawings, and only when the customer was satisfied with the specification did the approved solution proceed to manufacture and delivery for the fencing contractor to install.

The Protek 358 mesh flat panel system used on this project offers a very high level of security, whilst retaining good visibility and a pleasing appearance. Its narrow apertures make it almost impossible to gain a foothold, but if increased security is required additional features can be included, like razor wire or rotating anti-climb, to the top of the mesh panel system, both available from Alexandra.

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