Property Protection
It’s not easy to apply high security features to your commercial property and convey a smart and professional appearance to customers. If you’re not careful your building can end up looking like a fortress, which may keep out unwanted visitors but is hardly the best way to create a positive lasting impression.

The Camberley facility of the French catering giant, Group Le Duff, has assets it needs to protect, and went for Alexandra’s Protek 358 along with a series of matching single and double leaf gates. The Protek 358 is a mesh fencing system with apertures small enough to make it almost impossible for intruders to get a foothold, but, as you’ll see from these photographs, large enough to retain a good level of visibility.

A lot of the mesh panels, posts and gates that leave the Alexandra manufacturing plant in Kent are powder coated green or black, or have a standard galvanised finish, but increasingly we are seeing requests from customers for special colours. For Group Le Duff it was important for the security fencing to be as unobtrusive as possible, blending in with the industrial units they were designed to protect, but for other specifiers it’s the chance to apply vibrant corporate colours, ensuring that their premises becomes an extension of their company brand.

If you have a specific colour that you’d like to see applied to your perimeter and security fencing project, just mention it to our sales team.

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