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    Sports Mesh Fencing for Multi-Use Game Areas (MUGAS)

    Designed specifically for ball game arenas and multiple sports pitch applications

    Alexandra Security Protek 656 Rebound mesh sports fencing features closer wire centres on the lower part of each panel. Not only does this provide increased rigidity and reduced vibrations along the whole of the fence line, it also creates an area of high rebound properties, allowing balls to bounce back off the fence and back into the arena. The spacing between the wires is also close enough to prevent tennis or cricket balls from escaping, while still allowing good visibility to within the sports arena for spectators.

    Ideal For Both Sports And Education Sectors

    Protek 656 Rebound is a cost-effective solution when looking for a fence that will provide perimeter security around a 5-a-side football pitch, urban sports area, school playground or basketball court. Combined with matching gates and sports accessories such as recessed goals and basketball hoops, Alexandra Security can specify and supply a complete sports fencing system for your specific needs.

    Available In A Wide Range Of Heights

    The standard Protek 656 Rebound panel is 2m high. Multiple panels can be combined to make a fence up to 6m high using secure clamp bars and made-to-measure posts. 656 refers to the size of the mesh wires, in this case, 5mm vertical and 6mm horizontal. The system is designed to be simple to install and also allow for the mesh panels to be stepped, helping the fence line to follow the contours of the ground. If you require a greater height than 6m, for example in urban residential areas, these can be specified on request. Contact our expert team to discuss your exact requirements.

    Long Lasting Weather Protection

    Each Protek 656 Rebound panel is supplied in a galvanised finish for long term protection from the elements. A polyester powder coat finish is also applied, with our standard colour being green. However, many of our customers customise their sports fencing to match their team or brand colours, so we also can powder coat to any RAL colour of your choice. All our sports fencing systems come with our standard 15 year product guarantee.

    More Info

    Conforms to BS 1722-14: 2006


    Posts, Clamps and Fixings

    The posts and full length clamp bars that Alexandra Security Limited offers provide a fixing system which secures the panels but allows for variations. The system is easy to install and allows the panels to be stepped, helping the fence line to follow the contours of the ground. With the vandal resistant security fixings this post and clamp system provides a higher level of security than the traditional clip system.


    • Standard Rebound panel and Full-Height Rebound panel
    • Other heights available on request


    Product and Finish Standards

    • Mesh panel wire manufactured to BS 4102 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2:2001 class D, weld strength is 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire (tensile range 540-690 N/m2)
    • Post material manufactured to BS EN 10210-2:1997 and galvanised to BS EN 10346:2009
    • Panels & Posts are powder coated to BS EN 13438:2005 (min 100 micron)

    Protek 656 Rebound - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a MUGA pitch?

    MUGA is an acronym for Multi-Use Games Area. Just as the name suggests, these types of pitches are suitable for multiple sports that can all take place on the same pitch.

  • For mesh fencing around a MUGA pitch, how should the mesh and gates normally be installed?

    The mesh on a MUGA is usually installed facing the inside of the MUGA to allow footballs for example to rebound, and the gates hung on the back of the posts, flush to the front, opening away from the pitch 180 degrees to reduce the hinge gaps and again prevent any unusual rebounds. These are recommendations however and layouts and details are down to the choice and specification of the installer.

  • What is the best type of fencing for a tennis court?

    We recommend Protek 868 Rebound fencing, due to it’s excellent durability and ball rebound properties.

  • What size are the apertures on Protek Rebound Sports Fencing?

    The tighter spaced wires on the bottom 1.2m of the mesh panel have an aperature (spacing) of 66.6mm x 50mm. Above 1.2m the wire spacing increases to create apertures that are 200mm x 50mm.

  • What is the recommended height for a football pitch fence?

    The FA recommended fence height on all sides of the 3G FTP is 4.5m high. Viewing areas should be included on all 3G FTP’s and have perimeter fencing 1.2m high, rising to 2m behind the goals and 3m away from the touchline.

  • Why is Protek Rebound Fencing recommended over Chainlink Fencing?

    Our Protek Rebound system is a rigid mesh panel system with the bottom 1.2m of the panel at 66.6mm x 50mm wire apertures, it is very robust and durable making it ideally suited to high impact ball areas. Chain link is very susceptible to damage from any force making it an unsuitable choice for ball game areas where the fence is likely to be regularly impacted by balls.